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Building the workforce

Building the workforce

Discover how InnoEnergy can help you to build a more effective workforce:
  • Analyses and detects the skills and talent needed for the present and future of every sector in sustainable energy.

  • Brings together key players in the sector in order to identify and develop the missing skills needed for a highly qualified workforce.

  • Matches existing and custom courses and trainings to the gaps identified by industry actors. 

  • Uses AI methodology, digital tests and ad hoc and on demand surveys to shape the right educational programmes the sector demands all along the workforce pyramid (from entry to executive level and both blue and white collars).

  • Proposes how to make the industry attractive to new talent.




As sustainable energy sector accelerates, a highly skilled workforce along the whole value chain needs to be developed and strengthened. InnoEnergy decisively contributes to this objective by offering the Building the workforce solution to the industry, sector associations and governments.

This project is part of the Energy 3.0 skills project, which is being developed by InnoEnergy for all the sustainable energy sector and industry.


Building the workforce is a combined process of different methodologies, led by our instructional and learning experts and in tight collaboration with HR and Human talent industry departments, academic institutions and energy sector associations. Its objective is to provide a full analysis of the skills that will be needed in the energy sector and the typology of training and continuous education that will assure a competent workforce for the industry.


Did you know that...

InnoEnergy will be leading the Skills Workshop organized by WindEurope?

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"There has been a lot of talk of the energy transition but the ones solving the talent puzzle are at the vanguard. InnoEnergy offers a variety of courses and trainings in energy storage, but we are constantly looking for new ways of learning to develop the skills of the future. Let’s connect."

Frank Gielen, Director of Education at InnoEnergy.


"Knowledge is the key. Without it, leadership and actions plans, business and organizations are lost. When we offer the right training and opportunities to share our ideas and best practices, we all can reach the top”

Inge de Waard, Education strategist at InnoEnergy.

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