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Course Conditions





The service available through is offered by KIC INNOENERGY SE, with registered office in Kennispoort, 6th Floor, John F. Kennedylaan 2, 5612 AB, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, VAT 8500.04.287.B.01 and registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Eindhoven, under number 51418886 (hereinafter, “INNOENERGY”) and email address

The website (hereinafter, the “Website”) is an internet based website for, a.o. the use of professional online courses (hereinafter, the “Course(s)”) especially based on sustainable energy, innovation and entrepreneurship, and primarily aimed at professionals and companies in the energy sector, but also at anybody else interested in the Courses.

As the Courses vary, the specific description of each available Course can be consulted in its correspondent “Course File”, accessible through the “Course Catalogue” section of the Website.

Notwithstanding the costs of internet access and connection, which are beyond INNOENERGY’s control in any case, the use of the Website will be free of charge. Nonetheless, and even though some of the pages can be accessed without prior registration, INNOENERGY provides services to those Users registered as such in the Website. Some of these services are free of charge (including the registration and use of the Website), and others are subject to a fee (such as registering for the Courses and accessing the content of the Courses, taking exams, tests and other means of evaluation, obtaining certifications, etcetera).




These Course Conditions set out the terms and conditions that apply when a User engages in the Courses, all coming in addition to the Terms and Conditions of INNOENERGY, including the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, which are also applicable and that can be consulted via In case of discrepancy between these Course Conditions and the Terms and Conditions, the former shall prevail.

For the purposes of these Course Conditions, a User is understood to be the user of the Website who potentially will participate in the Courses offered by INNOENERGY.

In any case, the use of the services of the Website by the User implies the express acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy (in the event that they are applicable). In addition, a registration on the Website is subjected to the provisions in the present Courses Conditions and a registration for a Course that requires payment by the User is subjected also to the particular conditions for such Course.

The User will access the Website through his/her browser or through social media. If the User registers on the Website and/or registers for any of the Courses available, by using an email address and password , said login data (email address and password) are confidential and personal, and shall be duly guarded by the User so that, in no case, could the login data be used by third parties.

INNOENERGY could deny access to the Website and/or the Courses to any User who, in any way, does not comply with the obligations and commitments contained in the Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, or in the Course Conditions, as applicable. INNOENERGY could also deny access to those Users whose actions are contrary to applicable Law, morality or public policy.




In order to register for the Courses offered on the Website, a User must previously fulfill certain requirements.

    1.  User requirements

The User must complete the registration form available in the section “Register” of the Website. For a proper registration, the User must provide those data marked as mandatory.

Alternatively, the User can register on the Website by logging in through an existing Google-account, Twitter-account or another account of a comparable internet service. In this case, for a proper registration, the User must complement the data of said account marked as mandatory.

    2.  Confirmation of the User’s registration in the Website

After INNOENERGY has checked the fulfillment of the requirements described in the previous section, and as soon as practicable, INNOENERGY shall send an email to the email address provided by the User, informing the User of the fulfillment of the requirements and the consequent possibility of registration in the Courses. In addition, in such email, INNOENERGY shall confirm the User the validity of the email address and password provided when registering, which shall be necessary to access the Website as a registered User.

The User is solely responsible for the security in the use of his/her email address and password, and must assure they are not fraudulently exploited, neither by the User nor by any third party.

    3.  User Profile Edition

Once the User has received the confirmation of his/her registration on the site, the User will be able to access his/her Account in the Website and shall complete his/her own User Profile, introducing the required data on the different fields according to the instructions provided in the Website.

The site allows Users to edit their User Profile at any time, modifying the data they have included and saving the new data introduced.

The User Profile data must be true, exact and current. In this regard, Users must ensure not to introduce any wrong, false or inexact data, and in the event of detecting errors or inaccuracies, Users must modify them immediately, either through the tool of edition of the User Profile of the Website, or notifying this to INNOENERGY by email to the address




Once the registration process is completed, the User is able to register for the Courses of his/her interest.

To this end, and without prejudice to the next section regarding the payment and billing of the Courses engaged, the User must select the Courses of his/her interest, placed at his/her disposal in the section “Course Catalog” of the Website.

The prices (all prices are expressed in Euros, VAT included), objectives, requirements, tools, content and evaluation criteria of each  Course are reflected in the corresponding section of the Website (the “Course File”). Said characteristics apply to the Courses to the same extent as the present Course Conditions, and constitute the Particular Terms and Conditions for each Course.

In  certain cases, the User may get access to the registration for the Courses through special links provided by INNOENERGY which links may contain certain discounts and/or special characteristics, which shall be applicable exclusively to those cases additionally.

The User expressly acknowledges and accepts the conditions applicable to each one of the Courses, as well as the evaluation criteria established for each one of them, including the possibility of obtaining a specific certification (which may vary according to the Course concerned) issued by INNOENERGY. Said certification will be available on the platform for those Users who have successfully passed the evaluation process, and will be also downloadable by the User and verifiable though a link provided by INONENERGY.




    1.  Payment

The payment of the Courses shall be made in Euros.

The payment of the Courses can be made by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro) or PayPal and, if the User is a legal entity, also by bank transfer. The payment platform associated to the Website will request the User the type of payment, and the User shall follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the payment.

When paying by bank transfer, the transfer shall be made to the following bank account designated by KIC INNOENERGY S.E: NL44ABNA0465819958.

     2.  Billing

INNOENERGY will invoice the User the Course engaged through the Website, sending an electronic copy of the invoice to the email address that the User has provided when registering, within 60 days after the correspondent payment has been made. If the invoice is not received you can notify this to INNOENERGY by email to the address

     3.  Safe purchase

This Website uses the maximum security measures generally available in the sector.

INNOENERGY does not have access nor does INNOENERGY stores sensible data regarding the payment made by the User (for example, User’s credit card number). Only the entity that actually processes the payment has access to this data to manage the payment and collection.




The contents of the Courses will be available in accordance with the starting dates specified in the correspondent “Course File”, if not earlier.

The User has the right to cancel without reason the registration of any Course until the occurrence of any of the the following three dates, whichever occurs earliest: i) either fourteen (14) days after the payment for the Course has been made, or ii) the day before the  start date of the Course, or iii) the day on which the first content of the Course is made available, regardless whether the User accessed the Content or not. In case the User cancels its registration in any Course in accordance with these Course Conditions, INNOENERGY will refund the amount paid by the User in accordance with the method of payment used by the User.




INNOENERGY maintains this Site to provide the User with certain Courses and the information contained is only for educational and informational purposes. In no case may INNOENERGY be held responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the contents of the Courses. INNOENERGY does not assume responsibility neither for damages and prejudices caused by decisions taken based on the information provided on this Website.



     6. PRIVACY

INNOENERGY informs the User that it  processes his/her data taking into account the prescriptions of the Dutch Data Protection Act. INNOENERGY’s Privacy Policy (which can be consulted in shall apply.

The access to this Website may imply the use of cookies. INNOENERGY’s Cookies Policy, which provides Users with clear and comprehensive information regarding the use of cookies and which can be consulted in, shall apply.




INNOENERGY informs the Users that they can address any query or make suggestions related to the site and the Services and Courses provided by INNOENERGY, through the email address INNOENERGY shall solve any queries as soon as possible.




These Course Conditions and all the relationships that might result from them are governed by the laws of the Netherlands.

Any controversy that might result from the access and use of this Website and/or its Services hereby is submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.