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Artificial Intelligence in Energy

Artificial Intelligence in Energy

Harness the power of AI. Reshape the future of energy.

Artificial Intelligence in Energy

Online preparatory module &
3 virtual classes: 16-18-20 Nov
Duration: 3 hours / day
900 €

The global energy sector is being radically disrupted by innovations in digital technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is routinely predicted to drive the next wave of disruption in the energy space. But what is AI? How does it work? What are the real implications for your organisation? And how can you start implementing it at work tomorrow?

Our AI in Energy course has been expertly-designed for Energy Business Managers to empower you with a clear and deep understanding of AI, its principles, the challenges and the opportunities that it represents for energy players. This non-technical course is free of hype and rich in practical, hands-on insight into real-world application. The course is blended and offers you a fast track to harnessing the power of next-generation digital innovation for your organisation at a strategic level. 

Upon completion of the course, you will:

  • Fully understand what AI is and how it works
  • Appreciate the full breadth of opportunity for your specific organisation
  • Be able to develop a vision of how to leverage AI for your business
  • Have mastered a step-by-step methodology to design cutting-edge strategies to implement AI in your organisation
  • Gain a professional certificate with a LinkedIn integrated URL to showcase your achievement.

What will you learn?

The programme consists of 3 3-hour live sessions online format:

Module 1: Understanding (lectures and demos)

  • Develop an operational understanding of the core concepts of modern AI
  • Learn the principles behind the most important applications of AI in energy
  • Learn to set realistic expectations for what AI can and can’t do

Module 2: Defining an AI business case (lectures, demos, hands-on exercises)

  • Learn how to use the AI Academy framework for framing a business goal into a Machine Learning project
  • Learn to craft a compelling business case for an AI project in your organization and pitch it to your company.

Module 3: Building (lectures, hands-on exercises)

  • Discover different strategies to gather the data you need for your AI project
  • Choose the best implementation strategy for your project
  • Learn to assemble the right AI team and key AI project management strategies


How will you learn?

This course is delivered in an online format. You start the course with the online training week, self-paced learning, and conclude with a deeply during a live session: the instructor will be speaking and answering questions live, without pre-recorded material.

We will keep a constant interaction between the audience members and the instructor by using different tools and strategies: live polls, exercises, questionnaires, quizzes, and open questions.

Who will teach you?

Gianluca Mauro

Founder, AI Academy
Author, Zero to AI
(view profile)

Nicolò Valigi

Senior Software Engineer
Cruise Automation
(view profile)

Is it right for you?

The course is ideal for you if you are a manager in the energy industry. If you know that AI is poised to become a game-changer. And if you need to join the dots to understand how your organisation, and function, can reap the benefits through the right kind of strategy implementation. 

The course is particularly geared to energy executives who know that good technology alone isn’t enough to succeed and that having a carefully crafted strategy is paramount. We’ve designed the course to demystify AI, and lay bare its potential and the kinds of tools and frameworks you need to make it work, drawing on our combined background and experience in this emerging and fast-evolving technology.

Why enrol today?

You emerge with a comprehensive understanding of the essentials of artificial intelligence and machine learning, enriched with theoretical frameworks and real-life applications for the energy industry.

And, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate with a LinkedIn integrated URL that verifies your achievement.


For more information about this course, either for yourself or your company, please contact Andrey Glikman on +336 43 09 09 77 or via He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Artificial Intelligence in Energy

Online preparatory module &
3 virtual classes: 16-18-20 Nov
Duration: 3 hours / day

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