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Battery Applications and Innovation Programme

Battery Applications and Innovation Programme

Brace for change and leverage the opportunities. Lead the future of energy storage.

We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

Innovation is at the core of European energy transition and will be a deciding factor driving long-term growth and sustainability for industry in Europe and globally as we move forward. Critical to the success of this transition is energy and battery storage. Battery storage is set to completely disrupt the energy space and shape the future of the sector for the foreseeable future.

Capitalising on this opportunity, staying ahead of the innovation curve and maintaining your competitive edge hinges on gaining a solid understanding of the applications of battery storage, emerging business models and market openings, but also insights on how to exploit emerging opportunities and bring an innovative solution to the market.

This expert-led and dynamic programme gives you the knowledge, the industry context, and the innovation mindset to navigate disruption and bring next-generation solutions to the market. Specifically, Battery Applications and Innovation Programme empowers you to:

  • Identify the needs for flexibility demand in the EU electricity industry
  • Understand the main market mechanisms and trends in battery storage
  • Develop deep understanding and the capacity to leverage the energy and battery storage market
  • Understand the services, drivers and barriers for several battery storage applications including in maritime, electric vehicles, underground mining, behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter.
  • Understand what you need to consider when identifying potential customers and how to pinpoint their main needs
  • Develop knowledge to determine the main risks and challenges in developing innovative ideas in energy and battery storage
  • Understand the factors that affect the success of a new innovative idea.
  • Lead change within your business and secure a future roadmap for sustained competitive edge

What will you learn?

The programme combines both synchronous and asynchronous online learning for optimal impact and flexibility.

The preparatory online modules introduce you to the core dimensions of battery storage. Specifically, the online elements will focus on:

  • The need for energy storage and storage alternatives
  • EU flexibility demand and the role of battery storage
  • Battery storage applications – services and benefits:

- Electric vehicles
- Front-of-the-meter
- Behind-the-meter
- Underground mining

  • Key considerations for development of energy storage projects
  • Future evolution of the global battery storage market

The series of virtual classes and workshops build on this basis and strengthen your knowledge on battery storage applications, the business relevance of battery storage and provide a deep dive into various aspects of bringing an innovative storage concept to market.

How will you learn?

Battery Applications and Innovation Programme is a dynamic online learning experience that integrates self-paced online modules and a series of virtual classes and workshops, giving you insights, knowledge and deep understanding of this emerging field.

The programme is led by multi-disciplinary faculty and industry experts, whose research and global business acuity enrich both the content and your learning.

Your learning journey is built around:

  • Online lessons delivered by leading authorities in energy and battery storage
  • Supplementary material for each online lesson, such as online resources and reports
  • Self-evaluation exercises that embed learning and drive your progress 
  • Real-world business examples and cases
  • Virtual lessons and workshops at certain periods of time, allowing you to meet your peers and expert faculty and share perspectives and bring your learning together.

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Who will teach you?

The InnoEnergy consortium is a leader in sustainable energy education and leverages the combined expertise of many of Europe’s foremost technical universities, business schools, industry experts and innovation start-ups. Lead faculty include:

  • Reza Younesi:  Associate professor at Ångström Advanced Battery Centre, Uppsala University
  • Daniel Brandell: Professor in Materials Chemistry at Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University
  • Olle Johansson: CEO of Kvällsudden AB
  • Joachim Skoogberg: CEO of Vox Futura AB
  • Lina Bertling Tjernberg: Professor in Power Grid Technology at KTH
  • Valter Plasgård: Business Development Manager - Industrial at Northvolt
  • Erik Svedlund: Global Marketing Manager – Electrification at Epiroc
  • Ulrich Bürger: Technical Manager at Smart Power
  • Elias De Keyser: Energy & Flexibility Expert at Next Kraftwerke Benelux
  • Bo Normark: Industrial Strategy Executive at EIT InnoEnergy
  • Olaf Geyer: Senior Partner & Managing Director at ADVYCE
  • Stefan Werkstetter: Head Of Strategy at Skeleton Technologies
  • Sara Ghaem Sigarchian: Senior Energy Expert & Business Developer at EIT InnoEnergy
  • Addis Moiteaux: Product Manager at Power2U


Is it right for you?

Your fellow participants come from a broad diversity of business sectors and backgrounds. Battery Applications and Innovation Programme is particularly interesting for:

  • Business development managers in energy-related industrial areas
  • Industry managers interested to understand battery storage as a strong part of the new energy system
  • Entrepreneurs in energy, mobility and industry
  • Professionals in automotive, mobility logistics related to energy systems
  • Electrical and mechanical engineers interested to learn about battery storage applications and business opportunities
  • Energy consultants, engineers, analysts and strategists
  • Investors interested in sustainable future investments

If you are interested in this course and would like more information to help you decide if it is right for you, please contact Ulrika Hynell via or Thomas Berger via

What is included in the bundle?

The following courses are included in this bundle. If you prefer to take just one or some of the courses within this bundle, you can enrol for them separately.

We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

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