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Battery Management, Connection and Control

Battery Management, Connection and Control

Battery Management, Connection and Control

10/08/2020 - 30/08/2020
Duration: 3 weeks
320 €

Battery storage is the future. But that future hinges on maintaining full control over the operation of batteries and building a robust system that enables connection to the electric grid, the consumer or the electric vehicle.

Battery Management, Connection and Control course will allow you to dive deep into power conversion systems that connect storage systems to smart grids and consumers, learning how to choose the right type of converter while assessing overall system performance with respect to energy efficiency. It will also be your introduction to battery management systems (BMS): the masterminds behind battery packs. In this course you will thoroughly explore the BMS and the critical parametres that we can control.  And you will discover the use of battery testing and operation simulation in order to predict real-world in-service behaviour. 


Delivered by experts from the InnoEnergy ecosystem, one of Europe’s foremost authorities in battery storage, this unique course empowers you to:

  • Expertly discuss the role of power conversion systems 
  • Distinguish and assess the type of power converters for battery applications
  • Understand and explain the importance and function of battery management systems in the control and operation of batteries 
  • Describe different battery testing procedures and the relevant characteristics that can be determined 
  • Understand how we can simulate battery operation in order to predict in-service behaviour.

Participants will be granted a professional certificate upon successful completion of the course.

What will you learn?

Battery Management, Connection and Control course consists of sixmodules and is self-paced.

Module 1: Dive into the world of power conversion starting with an introduction, to the basic principles of power conversion and the relation to the energy efficiency of the energy system 

Module 2: Discover why power converters are needed for battery applications and how can we choose the right type for a specific application. 

Module 3: Dive deeper into the typical topologies and main functionalities of power conversion systems (PCSs) for connecting batteries to diverse electrical systems.

Module 4: Discover battery management systems and explain their components and functions. 

Module 5: Explore the different types of battery testing and related standards and regulations. 

Module 6: Explore modelling, control and simulation of batteries.


Who teaches you?

Your learning will be led by experts from the InnoEnergy ecosystem, authorities in sustainable energy from the worlds of research and industry. Faculty for Battery Management, Connection and Control course are :

Dr. Jeroen Büscher
Product Manager Electrical Storage of Vito / Energy Ville

Francisco Díaz-González
Professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in subjects linked with the grid integration of renewable energies.His current research interests include the fields of power electronics for electrochemical energy storages and renewable energies.

Jolien Despeghel
PhD student in Electrical Engineering at KU Leuven/Energyville. She is researcher on the project Energy Storage as a Disruptive Technology in the Energy System of the Future.

Online for optimal impact and flexibility

Battery Management, Connection and Control course is a Small Private Online Course and can be taken at your usual study location.

The course consists of sixmodules and is self-paced. Each module includes reading materials, and some feature business examples and animations to illustrate the content. You will be able to share your opinion and thoughts on relevant topics will via the discussion elements throughout the course.

Is it right for you?

This course has been specifically designed for professionals and researchers who work within the energy ecosystem. Participants come from many different countries and typical participants include:

  • Graduate and master-students interested in completing their studies with a battery energy storage specialisation
  • Engineers wanting to specialize in energy storage
  • Anyone with a non-engineering background working with battery applications

Get in touch with our admissions team now: / M: +46 (0)7 31 566 996

Battery Management, Connection and Control

10/08/2020 to 30/08/2020
Duration: 3 weeks

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