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Battery Storage and Smart Grid Applications

Battery Storage and Smart Grid Applications

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Battery Storage and Smart Grid Applications

Online training | 05/10/2020
6 virtual classes | 13/10/2020 to 16/10/2020
650 €

We are witnessing the unprecedented transformation of the global energy system. Renewables are increasingly penetrating the market, and the variability in electricity use driven by innovations like electric mobility is accelerating rapidly. Energy storage is emerging as the frontrunner solution to changing and growing needs – offering an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable approach while empowering the decarbonisation of the electricity system. Stationary storage systems, in particular, can be implemented at different levels of the electricity value chain, such as the transmission, distribution and consumer levels. The opportunities are endless. But how do you leverage them? How do you gain insight into the market and opportunities to take your place at the forefront to the energy transition?

Battery Storage and Smart Grid Applications gives you a rounded understanding of the market forces and mechanisms reshaping the battery storage market in Europe. You will explore the opportunities battery storage applications offer for different stakeholders of the European electricity system and get a concise view of the key considerations in investing and owning these assets. You will also get insights on the link between electric mobility and stationary storage systems and finally explore a real-world situation through the case teaching method.

Battery Storage and Smart Grid Applications empowers you to:

  • Identify the challenges facing the EU electric industry and articulate the case for battery storage
  • Understand the emerging battery storage market
  • Understand the services and barriers for battery storage applications behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter, as well as the issues surrounding ownership of battery storage systems
  • Determine the principal risks and challenges in investing in these applications
  • Understand the role of electric vehicles in smart grids
  • Understand the concept of value stacking
  • Spot the emerging players, broaden your business perspective and exploit new market openings

What will you study?

Battery Storage and Smart Grid Applications give you expert insight into the way that battery storage is reshaping the European electricity system. You explore all the critical issues, from the benefits of different stationary storage applications to how to invest in them, through to and the link of stationary storage systems with electric mobility.

Teaching and learning are dividing into a preparatory online self-paced course and a sequence of six virtual classes to develop your understanding and expertise: 

  • Virtual Class 1: Overview on the European energy storage market
  • Virtual Class 2: Battery energy storage at behind-the-meter level
  • Virtual Class 3: Battery energy storage for grid management
  • Virtual Class 4: Value stacking and revenue streams
  • Virtual Class 5: Electric vehicles 
  • Virtual Class 6: Case study

How will you learn?

Battery Storage and Smart Grid Applications is delivered 100% online for your safety, and to optimize flexibility and immediate impact. It is a dynamic, interactive and immersive learning experience that leverages the latest in virtual pedagogies to accelerate your learning, at a pace and rhythm that works for you.

 Delivered over one week online (2 hours/week) and 14 hours of virtual classes (6 virtual classes) Battery Storage and Smart Grid Applications consist of:

  • Online lessons devised and led by experts in battery storage
  • Valuable supplemental materials, resources, and reports
  • Self-evaluation exercises to embed learning and accelerate your progress
  • Virtual and interactive lessons and case teaching allowing you to meet peers and faculty, share perspectives, and bring your learning together.


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Who will teach you?

The EIT InnoEnergy consortium is a leader in sustainable energy education, and leverages the combined expertise of many of Europe’s foremost technical universities, business schools, industry experts and innovation start-ups.

Is it right for you?

Participants come from many different countries and represent a broad diversity of sectors, from engineering to energy and management consultancy, mobility, finance, and utilities. Battery Storage and Smart Grid Applications is particularly interesting for:

  • Professionals and industry managers interested to understand battery storage as a strong part of the new energy system
  • Energy consultants and engineers interested to learn about smart grid battery storage applications and business opportunities
  • Energy analysts and strategists
  • Investors interested in sustainable future investments
If you would like to have an informal discussion about this course and have all your questions answered, please contact Lluís Arasanz on +34 935 04 49 05 or +34 682 62 82 00. Alternatively, you can send an email to

Battery Storage and Smart Grid Applications

Online training | 05/10/2020
6 virtual classes | 13/10/2020 to 16/10/2020

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