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Battery storage Business Models, Market and Regulation

Battery storage Business Models, Market and Regulation

Battery storage has a vital role to play in accelerating the transformation of the global energy sector. But driving this transition means building new expertise. It means developing innovative, disruptive business models while simultaneously assessing economic viability and investment risks. It means understanding how businesses can recover investment in next-generation energy storage systems and go on to generate revenue. It also means getting to grips with how public bodies and European legislation and policy will evolve or adapt.

Battery Storage Business Models, Market and Regulation course empowers you to expertly assess the challenges, the main drivers and the business opportunities of a changing energy system at different levels of the market. You will get a perspective on policy and regulation frameworks as a crucial part of any investment decision and strategy. And you will discover real business examples from leading companies that are ground-breaking in their sector.

Delivered by experts from InnoEnergy ecosystem, one of Europe’s foremost authorities in sustainable energy, battery storage and business innovation, this unique course empowers you to:

  • Reflect on crucial challenges within the new energy and relate them to new business opportunities within the new energy system
  • Understanding the economic and financial viability of investments in energy storage projects at utility scale
  • Accurately appraise EU support for battery energy storage systems
  • Explain European energy policy making based on examples of current targets and trends
  • Relate your company’s future plans or services to the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the Clean Energy for All Europeans package
  • Explain the main cost concepts of battery energy storage solutions during their lifespan
  • Understand and apply a mathematical model to assessing the life costs of energy storage solutions and compare between investment alternatives
  • Reflect on real business examples from ground-breaking innovative companies in the energy sector

Participants will be granted a professional certificate upon successful completion of the course.

What will you learn?

Battery Storage Business Models, Market and Regulation course consists of five modules and is self-paced.

You will begin with a general introduction to business modelling, with special focus on current and potential future business models within the Energy Sector.Then you will explore new investment scenarios and innovative business models arising in the highly-mutable battery energy storage market. In the third module of the course, we will talk about European legislation and policy and how it can affect businesses related to the energy transition. Then, you will understand how we can do the cost assessment and analyse the economic feasibility of a battery-based storage solution. Finally, you will assess a number of real-world examples of successful business at the different levels of energy storage applications.

How will you learn?

Battery Storage Business Models, Market and Regulation course is a Small Private Online Course and can be taken at your usual study location.

The course consists of five modules and is self-paced. Each module includes reading materials, and some feature business examples and animations to illustrate the content. You will be able to share your opinion and thoughts on relevant topics will via the discussion elements throughout the course.

Who teaches you?

Your learning will be led byexperts from InnoEnergy ecosystem, authorities in sustainable energy and business innovation from the worlds of research and industry. Faculty for Battery Storage Expert include:

Thomas Pellerin-Carlin
Research fellow at Jacques Delors Institute, working on the European energy policy. Main fields of interest are energy policy, climate policy and European defence policy.

Henrique Pombeiro
Co-founder and COO of Watt-is, he has a strong background in entrepreneurship and management. He also has strong technical and research competences in energy systems, modelling and consumption behaviour.

Iván Contreras
Founder and CEO of Torrot,  a manufacturer of electric bicycles and scooters. Iván is specialised in knowledge management, high-speed organisations, and innovative product development.

Francisco Díaz-González
Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in subjects linked with the grid integration of renewable energies.  His current research interests include the fields of power electronics for electrochemical energy storages and renewable energies.

Magnus Lindén
Senior Consultant at Sweco’s Energy Markets group  with extensive experience of the Nordic electricity market.

Is it right for you?

This course has been specifically designed for professionals and researchers who work within the energy ecosystem. Participants come from many different countries and typical participants include:

  • Graduate and master-students interested in completing their studies with a battery energy storage specialisation
  • Engineers wanting to specialize in energy storage
  • Anyone with a non-engineering background working with battery applications


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