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Battery Storage Technology: opportunities and uses

Battery Storage Technology: opportunities and uses

Get ahead of the battery innovation curve.
Leverage the possibilities.

Battery Storage Technology: opportunities and uses

Duration: 3 weeks
Effort: 3 hours / week
75 €

Achieving a 32% share of renewable energy sources in Europe by 2030 is an exciting but challenging goal. A critical piece of the puzzle is battery storage which has the potential to offer sustainable solutions across power, transport and industrial sectors. But what are the key technologies driving battery storage? What are the applications? What are the challenges? And how can you harness the potential for your home, or place of work?

This professional course is delivered by EIT InnoEnergy, one of Europe’s foremost authorities in sustainable energy and battery storage. Through flexible, online learning, you build a rock-solid understanding of the most exciting battery storage technologies, exploring how they work, their strengths and weaknesses and application across a breadth of sectors. You emerge from the course, empowered to:

  • Understand solutions that can enhance the flexibility in the electricity market
  • Develop an overview of the main battery storage technology groups, their respective most promising technologies and their technical characteristics
  • Build insight into why battery storage services and technologies have been developed and deployed at a much slower pace than expected
  • Enhance you current expertise through several real-world business examples
  • Boost your career by gaining an understanding of different business models of battery storage at grid-scale, behind-the-meter, off-grid and in mobility
  • Apply this knowledge effectively in a professional and commercial environment.

Upon successful completion of the course, you gain a professional certificate with a LinkedIn integrated URL to share online and showcase your achievement - this is included in your course fee. If you are using a fee waiver or 100% discount voucher, a nominal fee of 50 euros applies for your certificate to be issued. 

What will you learn?

Battery Storage Technology gives you a deep dive into the potential and the limitations of today’s technology, and its application at grid scale and off-grid. Specifically you will explore: 

  • The main storage technologies and their technical characteristics
  • The basic functioning of Lithium-ion, flow battery, and lead-acid technologies
  • The application of battery storage at grid scale – drivers and barriers
  • Battery storage in the transportation industry and mobility with real-world business case studies
  • The role of battery storage at consumers’ location and in remote areas, as well as the limitations and drivers for these types of battery storage usage.

How will you learn?

Battery Storage Technology is a free online course, designed to maximise impact and flexibility. As long as you have access to the internet, you can pursue your learning anytime, anywhere at the pace and rhythm that works for you. Assessment is based on multiple-choice tests after every other lecture and a final test assessment.

  • Week 1: Battery storage: potential and limitations
  • Week 2: Battery storage applications: grid scale and electric vehicles 
  • Week 3: Battery storage applications: behind the meter and off-grid

Who will teach you?

Anna Darmani

Energy Systems Analyst 

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Is it right for you?

Battery Storage Technology is a short, online course which would appeal to anyone interested in battery storage technology. The course is particularly useful to you if you are interested in understanding how the technology could work in different parts of the energy system. A basic grounding in the field is helpful, but not essential.

Battery Storage Technology: opportunities and uses

Duration: 3 weeks
Effort: 3 hours / week

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