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Digital Transformation: Impact on the energy sector

Digital Transformation: Impact on the energy sector

Understanding the impact of digital transformation

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About this course

This course is focused on why the digital transformation will impact your business. It's cover basic useful theories to understand the ongoing transformation and in particular its potential impact the energy sector.

A technology-driven transformation based on information technology. The phase when the new technology has such a significant impact, not just being used and making the existing more efficient but the new structures are demanded and formed such as how we organise companies, society, and the value networks as well as the business models.

Is this course for you?

This course is designed for a wide variety of energy sector professionals, technical personnel in European energy utilities and industries impacted by the energy transformation. 

How does the course boost your career?

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Length of the course: 4 weeks online + 1 day F2F
Learning effort: 6 hours / week
Level: Anyone can join - no prerequisites!
Language: English

Teaching methods and materials

​This mini-course consists of two modules and is a self-paced modular online course consisting of video lessons by academic experts and 2 real-life case studies by industry experts Each video lesson is followed by a series of short assessments that allow self-verification of the lesson’s learning outcomes.

  • Online course
  • 2 weeks  - 1h 30' per week 

Course Instructors

Martin Vendel

KTH Executive School 

Staffan Movin

KTH Executive School