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Energy Storage Innovation

Energy Storage Innovation

Bridge the pitfalls and discover new routes to market in energy storage.

We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

The global energy transition is at an inflection point. Innovation in battery storage technology is transforming the sector all over the world, building the foundations of a more sustainable future for all. Staying ahead of the market today and tomorrow means keeping pace with an ever-evolving space. It means understanding the megatrends, changing customer needs and emerging market mechanisms. And it means mastering the challenges as well as the opportunities ahead.

Energy Storage Innovation is an expert-led, fully online learning path delivered by acclaimed industry experts. This course is precision-designed to empower you to:

  • Forge deep understanding and the capacity to leverage the energy and battery storage market
  • Pinpoint the critical risks and the challenges in driving forward innovative ideas in energy storage
  • Master the key trends and competitive market mechanisms in energy storage
  • Spot potential customers and determine their needs 
  • Shape mould-breaking and innovative strategies to future-proof your organisation.




What will you learn?

This course challenges you to dive deep into every aspect of bringing an innovative storage concept to market. You explore the critical ideas and try out new approaches, building towards new and game-changing strategies for your business. Specifically you will look at: 

  • The emerging energy and battery storage landscape
  • Industrial innovation and energy storage trends
  • Success factors for bringing new solutions to market
  • Market mechanisms and market understanding
  • Market and customer segmentation based on needs
  • Stumbling blocks, pitfalls and new routes to market.

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How will you learn?

Energy Storage Innovation is an intense and immersive learning experience that integrates online elements and an interactive virtual workshop. You will learn from and interact with experts and peers in the exciting and fast-paced energy storage ecosystem. There is also an online learning element which integrates videos and short learning modules as you explore the dimensions of innovation in energy and battery storage. Your learning opportunities include:

  • Two weeks of online preparation: expert-designed content to build rock-solid understanding
  • Dynamic workshop with peers and industry experts in a safe virtual environment, delivered in a series of 4 workshop sessions.
  • Direct interchange of ideas, perspectives and insights with experts.

Who will teach you?

Ulrich Bürger

Electrical Engineering & IT Specialist
Smart Power
(View Profile)

Elias De Keyser

Energy & Flexibility Expert
Next Kraftwerke Benelux
(View Profile)

Bo Nomark

Industrial Strategy Executive
EIT InnoEnergy
(View Profile)

Olaf Geyer

Senior Partner & Managing Director
(View Profile)

Stefan Werkstetter

Head Of Strategy
Skeleton Technologies
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Is it right for you?

This course has been specifically designed for professionals who work within the energy ecosystem and those hoping to bring a new innovative idea or business model to the energy storage market. Typical participants include:

  • Energy engineers
  • Energy and business analysts
  • Entrepreneurs.

Why enrol today?

You emerge with a comprehensive understanding of Energy Storage Innovation, enriched with theoretical frameworks and real-life application. At the end of the programme and after successful completion, you will receive a certificate with a LinkedIn integrated URL that verifies your achievement.

"Energy storage is the next big thing in the global energy transition. Companies looking to build competitive advantage tomorrow really need to understand what is driving innovation in this space and how to make changing trends play to their advantage ."

Elias de Keyser
Energy and Flexibility Expert
Next Kraftwerke, Benelux


We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

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