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Energy Systems Integration: Understanding the New Consumer

Energy Systems Integration: Understanding the New Consumer

Build the insight, the frameworks and tools to take your customer relations to the next level.

Energy Systems Integration: Understanding the New Consumer

Duration: 4 weeks
Effort: 2.5 hours / week
100 €

We have reached a tipping point in sustainable energy. As we make the global transition to renewable and integrated energy systems, there is also an imperative to understand, anticipate and respond to a corollary of changes in the ways that households consume energy. Understanding your customer and their role in the global energy shift is critical in staying ahead of the market and future-proofing your organisation.


This course gives you unparalleled insight into the fundamental behavioural changes that are key to successful energy systems integration. Delivered by InnoEnergy, one of Europe’s principal authorities in sustainable energy and energy education, the course draws deeply on the most recent energy-related research into environmental psychology. Upon completion of this course, you will be empowered to: 

  • Identify the core consumer behaviours that must evolve to embrace innovation in sustainable energy for households
  • Articulate the benefits of these changes to your consumers’ well-being
  • Master the psychological levers that influence behaviour – social groups, knowledge, motivation, context and others
  • Deploy the most effective frameworks and tools to drive acceptance of new energy policies and energy systems changes
  • Build stronger, more transparent and multi-directional relationships with your consumers. 

We recommend that you complete the introductory course on Energy Systems Integration as a preparation for more specialised learning.

This course is also part of a deep-dive learning path on Energy Systems Integration. It is recommended that you complete all the modules for a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Energy Systems Integration: understanding the new consumer

What will you learn?

Energy Systems Integration: understanding the new consumer gives you the deep insights, the rock-solid understanding and the tools to enhance your relationship with your consumers and empower them to embrace and fully leverage the energy transition. Your learning takes place exclusively online for optimised flexibility and immediate impact. Over 4 weeks you work through 6 core lessons and real-life case studies that situate your learning in a practical, identifiable context.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the psychology of integrated energy systems
  • Lesson 2: Predicting energy behaviours: Knowledge
  • Lesson 3: Predicting energy behaviours: Motivation
  • Lesson 4: Predicting energy behaviours: Group factors
  • Lesson 5: Predicting energy behaviours: Contextual factors
  • Lesson 6: Public acceptability of integrated energy systems
  • Case study 1: Integrated energy systems and the potential to promote wellbeing
  • Case study 2: Engaging with customers through energy systems integration pilots
  • Conclusions, assignments and executive summary.

How will you learn?

This 4-week course is delivered entirely online to maximise flexibility and impact. You do not need to take time away from the demands of work, and you can apply new ideas, concepts and understanding in the workplace from day one. Your online learning explores the big picture in energy systems integration via:

  • Video lectures and expert interviews including transcripts
  • Self-evaluation exercises such as multiple-choice, associations or ‘fill in the blanks’
  • Relevant references that will consolidate your acquired knowledge and back your decisions after the course
  • A glossary that helps you understand technical concepts
  • A tutor with extensive experience to answer any questions you might have during the course.

Who will teach you?

The InnoEnergy consortium is a leader in sustainable energy education, built on the combined expertise of many of Europe’s foremost technical universities, business schools, industry experts and innovation start-ups. On this course, your faculty include:

Linda Steg
Professor of Environmental Psychology
University of Groningen

Michiel Van Dam 
Distributed Systems Operator Architect 

Goda Perlaviciute 
Assistant Professor Environmental Psychology
University of Groningen

Thijs Bouman
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Groningen

Steph Johnson Zawadzki
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Groningen

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Is it right for you?

The course is ideal for you if you are a professional in the energy industry. It is also expertly designed for academics and individuals who want to deepen their understanding of energy systems integration and developments in this exciting and important field. 

It has been designed executives, change leaders, researchers and individuals who need to deepen their knowledge of how consumer behaviours must to change to ensure the smooth transition to sustainable energy. The course delivers insights and frameworks and practical tools that will empower those with customer-facing or consumer-oriented responsibilities to build stronger, better and more authentic relationships with their client bases.


Want to get the bigger picture?

It is recommended that you take Energy Systems Integration: an introduction, before taking this course, although this is not mandatory. This particular course is part of a series of specialisation courses, delivered entirely online, about systems integration from the perspective of defferent disciplines. By taking a step back and looking at energy systems as a whole, you will be able to connect the dots between your expertise and that of others, and quickly identify the knowledge and skills you need to improve yourself and step up your contribution in the transition towards a sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy system.

We strongly recommend that you complete all the modules in this learning path for a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Upon completion of all of the online specialisation modules, you will be able to attend further face-to-face sessions that have been designed to complement the online courses and give you deeper and more advanced insights. If you are a business and enjoying your learing experience with us, you can opt for even more personalised training through on-demand, bespoke corporate programmes.

Energy Systems Integration: understanding the new consumer

Duration: 4 weeks
Effort: 2.5 hours / week

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