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Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy

Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy

Unleash the power of innovation.
Leverage the emerging opportunities for new business.

We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

The energy sector is being radically disrupted. As renewable sources gain unprecedented traction and become increasingly integrated into the energy mix, there is a growing need for energy experts who have both the technical understanding and the business innovation mindset to navigate change. And fully leverage a world of emerging possibilities.

Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy is a certificate programme jointly delivered by experts from Europe’s foremost authorities in energy, renewables, technology and business management: École Polytechnique, HEC and the InnoEnergy consortium – specialists in technology and in the business of energy and innovation. Through an innovative blend of online learning and dynamic face-to-face time with peers and faculty, as well as direct exposure to industry best practice, you will develop the understanding, vision and mindset to:

  • Read, navigate and anticipate change in the renewable energy landscape
  • Master new energy technologies and understand their potential
  • Lead new projects that tap into the power of emerging technologies and solutions
  • Incorporate best practice as you build competitive strategies for your company
  • Drive innovation in your own business or within a corporation with confidence and next-generation leadership capabilities.
  • Receive the Executive Certificate: Entrepreneuriat dans les Énergies Renouvelables upon successful completion of the course

Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy | Participant's testimonial | Jacques Pozzo di Borgo

What will you learn?

Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy is a deep dive into the very latest developments and emerging challenges and solutions in renewable energy, and the rules and best practices in entrepreneurship. You explore the technology and the business innovation dimensions reshaping the sector. Specifically you will look at:


  • The key technologies driving change in renewable energy
  • The challenges of distribution and of electricity network


  • The global and regional macro-economic balance in energy markets and strategizing in public or corporate settings
  • Value chains in the energy industry
  • The skills and instruments to manage innovation and entrepreneurship in this sector
  • Project management dynamics and tools through collective project work
  • Best practices in innovation and entrepreneurship in renewable energy
  • Contractual issues and risk analysis

How will you learn?

The programme is an innovative blend of online, virtual learning and dynamic face-to-face interaction with peers and leading experts in renewable energy and innovation. You learn over a period of seven months, empowering you to experiment, embed key concepts and translate your learning into real-world practice – returning to your cohort and faculty with key findings for discussion. We focus on learning by doing. Your learning journey will be fully experiential – from theory to practice to impact. The programme integrates:

  • Small Private Online Courses incorporating leading-edge research and hands-on activities.
  • Virtual classes with faculty
  • In-person class interaction and teaching at the École Polytechnique research laboratories
  • Project-management case study built on group collaboration.

Your final evaluation is based on the multiple-choice questionnaires, group reports and group oral defences.

What do others think?

I am in charge of risk management for the Hydro Business, based at the General Electric Renewable Energy HQ in Paris. My focus is the assessment and active management of the risks and opportunities of the global portfolio of hydro electrical projects. I provide as well ad hoc operational support to negotiations for some critical projects.

I have worked in 6 different countries over the last 15 years. When I came back to Paris late 2016, I felt the need to update my theoretical knowledge about my sector of activity (renewable energy), as well as to reconnect with the French ecosystem. Last but not least, I wanted to test some entrepreneurial ideas of my own, for which the group project was a perfect ground.

The Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy Program was a great fit : it mixes the technological and economical/business approaches, through Presential Courses at the Polytechnique Campus in Massy-Palaiseau, and various Small Private Online Courses. The experimental dimension is also part of the training : the photovoltaic installation on-site testing was one of the highlights of the Program.

In the end, it is a high-quality, well-rounded multi-dimensional program, through which you get access to a solid pool of experienced professional. I strongly recommend it!

Aurélien Maurice, 2017

Who will teach you?

The programme is led by world-class faculty from the École Polytechnique and HEC, Paris. It is enriched by insight from leading industry experts from the InnoEnergy ecosystem. Together they help you build a 360-degree understanding of the technologies and business models that are disrupting the energy space, and the innovation and entrepreneurship management tools and techniques to leverage opportunity. Faculty include:

Bernard Drevillon
Academic Co-director
Professor at École Polytechnique
Director of the international Master School programme Renewable Energy (MSc RENE)

Jean-Michel Gauthier
Academic co-director
Affiliate Professor at HEC Paris
Executive Director of the Energy & Finance Chair at HEC Paris
Chief Economist Officer, Energy & Resources, Deloitte, Paris

Is it right for you?

Join an international cohort of leaders and functional managers working in the energy space. Our participants are keen to acquire the specific and transversals engineering and business skills to run projects within their own company or a corporation. Past participants include:

  • Researcher
  • Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Start-up founder
  • Executive within a private or public institution
Questions? Please contact:

Christel Berthier
+33 1 69 59 66 53

We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

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