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Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Understand the role of science and convert research into successful new business.

We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

How do you transform what happens in the lab into viable business propositions that deliver results and return on investment? How do you bridge the gap between science and business, and leveraging all the opportunities to innovate, to lead the market and to create a better future for us all? Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship empowers you to see the bigger picture and connect the dots between research and real-world products and services, and drive tangible innovation in today’s changing energy space.

Delivered by EIT InnoEnergy, one of Europe’s leading authorities in sustainable energy and innovation, and ESADE, one of the continent’s foremost business schools, this course will empower you with the broadened perspective, insights, frameworks and leading-edge business tools to make a real difference. You will leave the course empowered to:

  • Understand how the business world works
  • Master the concepts and the tools to set up an innovation-driven venture and manage an operational company
  • Analyse business opportunities
  • Design and validate a business model
  • Build a roadmap to future success

You will experience first-hand how management is taught at a leading global business school and gain an ESADE certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

What will you learn?

This course will prepare and get you acquainted with the business world, and to provide you with a framework to understand how companies work and how they create value in a competitive environment. You will master the new venture creation process, with a focus on the field of sustainable energy, and the role that science/technology plays in it.

The modules are all designed to give scientists and researchers invaluable insight into the innovation process outside the lab to improve the ratio of original ideas that have an impact in the wider world. More specifically, the course consists of the following modules:

  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
  • Creative/Design Thinking & Innovation
  • Innovation & Strategy
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Marketing for start-ups
  • Measuring Innovation – Innovation Balanced Scorecard
  • Dealing with Intellectual Property Rights
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership.

How will you learn?

Each module is grounded in the business-school approach: practical, dynamic, and interactive. Talks and presentations from expert course leaders are accompanied by case-based discussions and group exercises. Course leaders build on your own experience to keep discussions directly relevant to your interests.

Throughout the four-week course, and with the help of a coach, you will also work on a project in a team with other program participants. You, together with your team, will select a business opportunity and then apply as many as possible of the tools and concepts you learn on the course.

You will get the chance to attend a panel discussion with real-world entrepreneurs and investors. Speakers are drawn from ESADE’s and EIT InnoEnergy’s networks of entrepreneurs and business angels who will explain what they do, how they select investments, and what they believe are the success factors of any new business. 

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Who are the experts?

Xavier Ferrás

Executive Director
ESADE Business School 
(View Profile)

Teresa Corrales

Lecturer of the Financial Department
ESADE Business School 
(View Profile)

Carlo Gallucci

Professor, Department of Marketing 
ESADE Business School 
(View Profile)

Miguel Angel Haras

Associate Professor, Department of Operations
ESADE Business School 

Guido Charosky

Innovation Strategy Director
Drop - Design for Innovation
(View Profile)

Artur Massana Fisa

Executive Coach and Academic Collaborator
ESADE Business School 
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Is it right for you?

This course has been expertly designed for researchers, PhDs, scientists and professionals who work within the energy ecosystem. Our participants come from across Europe and are either doing research for their PhD or work as postdocs in an InnoEnergy related Institution.

We have also seen an increase in in-company researchers who want to embark on new venture creation. The course is thus also suitable for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who work within the energy ecosystem. 

Why enrol today?

Starting a new business includes a different array of tasks and operations. In general, scientists and others engaged in the generation of new knowledge are usually more focused on research than on the development of new ventures, but their participation in the process will greatly improve the ratio of new inventions turned into economically viable new product or services. This course can help you realise that.

You will experience first-hand how management is taught at a leading global business school and gain a professional certificate from ESADE upon successful completion of the course.

We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

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