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Global Sales Strategies

Global Sales Strategies

and getting your beachhead customers.

We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

Improving the effectiveness of sales management processes and the overall speed of decision-making in companies, both large and small, are consistently cited by business experts as the highest of priorities, year after year. In the current economic climate, every purchase by any prospective customer must be triple-justified and at all levels of management. Therefore, having the best ROI-based sales approach is essential to shortening the sales cycle and, subsequently, to the survival of most young firms. 

This course has been expertly designed in partnership with ESADE Business School, a top-tier European busisness school. To ensure that you and your company succeeds in a competitive global economy, this course equips you with:

  • Effective, high-value sales techniques and customer relationship management skills;
  • The skillset to increase both your customer and employee satisfaction and retention;
  • The agility to identify, evaluate and solve customer chllenges; and
  • Long-term strategic customer relationships building skills.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of achievement from ESADE.

What will you learn?

Expertly designed to help you narrow your focus on customer value creation and to develop the sales skills and management strategies you need to excel in a competitive marketplace, this course explores:

  • The framework and definition of high-value sales and sales management strategies;
  • Building predictable, high-performance, strategic customer relationships;
  • Quantifying value propositions;
  • Focusing on customer value;
  • Managing a global sales organisation in a tough economic climate;
  • Creating a sales and customer-focused culture in your company; and
  • Presentation of your value proposition in a live competitive network.

How will you learn?

Throughout two immersive days at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, this experiential course has been designed in such a way that you will learn from and interact with academic experts as well as your peers, who may be facing similar business challenges.

Your learning consists of interactive class discussion, sales pitching exercises, case studies and presentations. You will also engage in a live, elevator sales pitch with real-time feedback.

Who will teach you?

Kenneth P. Morse

Chairman & CEO
Entrepreneurship Ventures Inc.
(view profile)

Is this course right for you?

The course has been designed for senior executives and business owners who would like to sharpen their sales skills and improve the customer focus in their organisation's culture. Typical participants include but are not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • C-suite executives
  • Senior sales executives
  • Experienced business development managers

Why enrol today?

You emerge with a comprehensive understanding of global sales strategies and new techniques to get your beachhead customers, enriched with theoretical frameworks and real-life application, confident and capable to be more effective in establishing long-term, mutually-beneficial customer relationships. And you will receive a certificate from ESADE Business School that verifies your achievement.

Receive 10% off if you enrol on or before 19 April. Simply enter voucher code x6DsPoRK upon checkout.
Or receive 10% off if you enrol 3 or more people from your company. Contact us for assistance. 


We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

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