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International Battery Technician

International Battery Technician

Build your expertise. Accelerate your career.

We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

Li-on is set to revolutionise the battery sector, becoming the dominant battery technology of tomorrow. High demand is expected from the European transport sector as Light Duty Vehicles, Buses and Trucks electrify. By 2030, a solid 6% of all cars on the road across Europe are expected to be electric, with energy storage solutions and portables following suit.

Demand is now also growing exponentially for skilled battery professions to work with these emerging solutions and accelerate the introduction of batteries in our electric grid systems. New skills are needed related in designing, operating, testing, maintaining and replacing battery cells and packs for various applications. The course will empower you with the solid knowledge of batteries, battery technologies and applications and battery systems to leverage this new world of boundless opportunities.

You will gain the understanding, skills, and tools to:

  • Determine which battery technology is best suited to which application
  • Appreciate the benefits and challenges with the foremost battery technologies
  • Design and implement the best battery solution
  • Handle, test, repair and dispose of battery systems
  • Analyse your customer needs and design the best battery configuration offer both in terms of technical fit and economic conditions.

What will you learn?

This hands-on course gives you a solid knowledge of batteries, battery technologies and applications and how to operate battery systems.

 Specifically you will look at:

  • Battery Components and functioning: Fundamentals on batteries, types of batteries; basic technical battery characteristics; connecting cells to build modules and packs; battery testing; battery management systems; power converters; standards and regulations; and safety.
  • Stationary applications: Grid-scale application of battery storage; behind-the-meter application of battery storage; home battery applications and grid integrations; residential PV + storage; configuration and AC-DC topologies; installation of a home battery
  • Mobility  applications: EV market; EV charging infrastructure; e-bike business example; installation of charging stations for mobile batteries
  • Small electrical devices: Application example – energy efficiency of a USB power bank.

How will you learn?

The International Battery Technician is a blended course and an experiential learning opportunity. You will start with an online learning plan consisting of 5 modules. The online learning modules are a dynamic, interactive combination of video lectures or lab demonstrations, practice activities, game activities, discussions and test-your-knowledge activities.

After the first four content blocks, practical learning sessions in the Syntra Home Lab will give you the chance to put your newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice. Experts will be there to demonstrate the battery handling activities and coach you. During the lab sessions you will be asked to show what you learnt from the online videos by naming cells, identifying faults, comparing batteries in the lab, selecting a charger for the pack, and more.

Your learning opportunities thus include:

  • A unique mix of virtual learning and physical training
  • Mobile games on your tablet or PCVR applications to build and dismantle battery packs in the T2-campus
  • Working on your own physical battery pack at home.

Who will teach you?

Tom Nijsen

InnovatHor Smart Energy
(View Profile)

Kristof Gaukema

Research Development Project Engineer
Futech BVBA
(View Profile)

Is it right for you?

This course is suitable for renewable energy installers seeing demand from the customer to make optimal use of solar energy. It is also designed for (electrical) mechanics seeing the technology evolve from combustion engines to electric motors. For electrical engineers or electronics specialists, a thorough knowledge of batteries is also a key advantage for future professional expansion.

This course is especially interesting for technicians with affinity in one of these domains:

  • Electro-mechanics
  • Electrical installation techniques
  • Electronics & power tools
  • Small mobility experts.

Why enrol today?

You'll be learning from the best. The EIT InnoEnergy consortium is a leader in sustainable energy education, and leverages the combined expertise of many of Europe’s foremost technical universities, business schools, industry experts and innovation start-ups. Your industry experts are SYNTRA, one of Europe’s leading pioneers in battery training.

Through this blended and experiential learning opportunity, you emerge with a comprehensive understanding of battery technologies and applications and battery systems, enriched with theoretical frameworks and hands-on, practical experiences.

And you will receive a certificate with a LinkedIn integrated URL that verifies your achievement.

If you are interested in this course and would like more information to help you decide if it is right for you, please contact Jan Verveckken on +31 646 959 657 or via


We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

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