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Introduction to Sustainable Energy

Introduction to Sustainable Energy

Get ahead of the curve in sustainable energy.


Introduction to Sustainable Energy

Duration: 3 weeks
Effort: 3 hours / week
75 €

We are at a global tipping point in energy. The transition from fossils to renewable sources is gathering momentum and is poised to transform the energy space all over the world. Getting a fundamental understanding of the megatrends, the market forces, the technologies, the challenge and the opportunities will position you ahead of the curve in the global energy shift.

Introduction to Sustainable Energy grounds you in the fundamentals of this exciting world. Assuming no prior knowledge, the course introduces you to the basic energy principles and laws, EU policy, energy technologies both related to traditional sources of energy and renewables, energy systems, batteries, energy storage, and energy efficiency.

Through a dynamic combination of videos, case studies, activities and interactive material, you will learn how to:

  • Articulate the challenges relating to sustainable energy and the energy transition
  • Deploy the technical language to discuss sustainable energy concepts
  • Use examples of practical energy innovations
  • Evaluate current trends and markets
  • Understand the role of storage, policy and regulations in sustainable energy.

Upon successful completion of the course, you gain a professional certificate with a LinkedIn integrated URL to share online and showcase your achievement - this is included in your course fee. If you are using a fee waiver or 100% discount voucher, a nominal fee of 50 euros applies for your certificate to be issued. 

What will you study?

You will work through the following modules:

  • Introduction to energy: know when to use the concepts of “energy”, “power”, “electricity” and understand the current critical challenges related to our energy system and what is the EU’s Energy Union strategy
  • Energy flow: how do primary energy sources convert into the useful energy that you get every day at your home and office, how does the electricity system work and how do variable renewable sources of energy change the traditional system? And what is the current share of renewable energy in the complete energy system?
  • Energy sources – traditional: how do the traditional fossils fuels and nuclear energy technologies work and what is their role in the energy mix?
  • Energy sources – renewables: what are the different types of renewables and what are their key characteristics? Why is it challenging to integrate renewables into the energy system?
  • Energy storage: what role can energy storage play to make the energy transition happen, what does the growth of the Electric Vehicles market mean for the energy system and what new business models are emerging?
  • Energy efficiency: what is energy efficiency and what are challenges hindering its progress? What are EU targets regarding energy efficiency?

You will also explore practical examples of innovation and entrepreneurship in action – projects supported by InnoEnergy that are helping the drive towards a sustainable future.

How will you learn?

The course is divided into six modules that last approximately two hours each. For each of the six topics, a combination of carefully curated videos and resources, interactive learning activities, discussion assignments and other learning materials is used. In addition, the course will portray examples from InnoEnergy start-ups/innovation projects that contribute to enabling a sustainable energy future.

We recommend you aim to contribute actively in the tasks and discussion assignments for an optimal learning journey. The more you engage with the course content and with the other learners, the more you will take away from the experience.

Who will teach you?

The InnoEnergy consortium is a leader in sustainable energy education, and leverages the combined expertise of many of Europe’s foremost technical universities, business schools, industry experts and innovation start-ups.

Is it right for you?

Sustainable energy is a topic that touches all of us

This course is aimed at anyone who needs to get to know the basics of sustainable energy,  or refresh their know-how of specific topics in energy flows, EU policy, traditional and renewable sources of energy, energy storage and energy efficiency. It is also designed for those who wish to become  familiar with the recent trends and innovative business examples in the world of energy.

Introduction to Sustainable Energy

Duration: 3 weeks
Effort: 3 hours / week

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