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Introductory learning bundle in Energy

Introductory learning bundle in Energy

Short, online courses for energy professionals.

Maximise your time working from home to start building a better future for yourself and your company.

Introductory learning bundle in Energy

Duration: 4 weeks
250 €

As the world faces an unprecedented crisis with the Coronavirus, it has never been more important to prioritise knowledge, learning and development and to build the skills you will need to bounce back and help drive a better, brighter and more sustainable future for us all.

InnoEnergy, one of Europe’s foremost authorities in renewables and battery storage, is offering this special bundle of leading-edge online courses: programmes that span the essentials of sustainable energy through to the latest in energy storage and system integration and the deployment of AI and machine learning.

This comprehensive learning bundle will equip you with the solid understanding, the state-of-the-art insights and the breadth of knowledge to:

  • Grasp the fundamental concepts of sustainable energy and the potential to transform our global systems
  • Master the emerging technologies that are driving battery storage and join the dots between opportunity and deployment
  • Explore how renewables are integrated into energy systems: challenges and solutions
  • Get to grips with the exciting possibilities of AI and machine learning in the context of energy

What will you learn?

Your learning journey  is broken down into 4 distinct courses that are delivered online giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace:​

  • Artificial Intelligence in Energy: An Introduction
  • Energy System Integration: An Introduction
  • Battery Storage Technology: Opportunities and Uses
  • Introduction to Sustainable Energy



How will you learn?

This is a next-generation learning experience: a ground-breaking, comprehensive pack that is delivered 100% online so that you can access materials and interact with content anytime, anywhere.

What is included in the bundle?

The following courses are included in this bundle. If you prefer to take just one or some of the courses within this bundle, you can enrol for them separately.

Introductory learning bundle in Energy

Duration: 4 weeks

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