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Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Understanding the role of science and research in successful new businesses.




Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

08/06/2020 to 19/06/2020
ESADE, Barcelona | Spain
Duration: 10 days
5 000 €

Today’s global economy and business are facing a tremendous challenge: how to transform research, the money invested and the resources provided to universities, laboratories and scientific parks into new innovations to create new products and services that can lead to the improvement of the life of individuals and society as a whole.

One of the main barriers encountered is the “distance” between researchers and the business world. This distance is not usually physical, it is simply a lack of knowledge on both sides. Minimizing this distance would, without a doubt, improve the returns to society on the money invested in R&D. 

What is this course about?

This course and its contents are designed around the concept of a new tech-based entrepreneurial venture, specialty in the areas of sustainable energy. Starting a new business includes a different array of tasks and operations. An overview of the process of identifying an opportunity, turning an idea into a product or service and making a business out of it will help the mind behind the invention to understand the whole process that starts once the discovery has been made. In general, scientists and others engaged in the generation of new knowledge are usually more focused on research than on the development of new ventures, but their participation in the process will greatly improve the ratio of new inventions turned into economically viable new product or services.

Is this course right for you?

This course is exclusive to the InnoEnergy PhD School. It has been specifically designed for researchers and professionals who work within the energy ecosystem. Our participants come from across Europe and are either doing research for their PhD or as postdocs in an InnoEnergy related Institution.

What will I learn?

This two-week course and its contents aim to close the gap between science and business. The programme will prepare participants to get acquainted with the business world, and to provide them with a framework to understand how companies work and how they create value in a competitive environment. It will help participants to understand the new venture creation process, with a focus on the field of sustainable energy, and the role that science/technology plays in it.

The modules are all designed to give scientists and researchers invaluable insight into innovation process outside the lab to improve the ratio of original ideas that have an impact in the wider world. The course consists of the following modules:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creative/Design Thinking & Innovation
  • Innovation & Strategy
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Marketing for start-ups
  • Measuring Innovation – Innovation Balanced Scorecard
  • Dealing with Intellectual Property Rights
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

How will I learn?

The teaching for each module is grounded in the business-school approach: practical, dynamic and interactive. Talks and presentations from expert course leaders are accompanied by case-based discussions and group exercises. As far as possible, course leaders build on the participants own experience to keep discussions directly relevant to their situation. Throughout the two-week course, and with the help of a coach, you will also work on a project. You get to choose from a number of topics, and then apply as many of the tools and concepts you learn on the course.

Extra activities.- During the course, you will get the chance to attend to two-panel discussion with current entrepreneurs and investors – discussing their own experience of science and technology-based start-ups. Speakers are drawn from ESADE’s and InnoEnergy’s networks of entrepreneurs and business angels (investors) – who will explain what they do, how they select investments, and what they believe are the success factors of any new business. There will be one panel during the first week of the course and a second panel in the second week.

There will be plenty of opportunities to network and exchange ideas with your fellow researchers participating in the course. Although the course is very intensive, you will also have the opportunity to participate in some cultural and social events in Barcelona.

Who will teach you?

You can be assured of the quality of teaching at the Entrepreneurship Summer School. Your teachers are mainly faculty members at ESADE

The course is lead by the programme Director, Jordi Vinaixa Serra 

Jordi Vinaixa is an Associate Professor of the Department of Strategy and General Management at Esade Business School. PhD in Chemistry (University of Barcelona) and MBA (ESADE). Currently, he is Program Director of the “From Science to Business” Program (this is a program in entrepreneurship for researchers), and the academic responsible (Director) of the ESADE entrepreneurship and innovation management activities for the InnoEnergy (EIT) MSc and PhD programs, as well. His main subjects of interest are Corporate Entrepreneurship, Innovation/Technology based Entrepreneurship and Project Management.

What will you achieve?

This course will provide you with an overview of how the business world works. You will also know and practice the tools and concepts for managing a company and, particularly, for setting up an innovation based new venture. You will know how to analyze business opportunities, to search, design and validate a business model to succeed with your startup, and to prepare a plan for the deployment of your project.  

Last but not least, you will get first hand experience on how management is taught at ESADE Business School, a top business school worldwide, and you will also receive an ESADE Certificate for your attendance to the program.

Who are the experts?

Xavier Ferrás

Executive Director
ESADE Business School 

Teresa Corrales

Lecturer of the Financial Department
ESADE Business School 

Carlo Gallucci

Professor, Department of Marketing 
ESADE Business School 

Miguel Angel Haras

Associate Professor, Department of Operations
ESADE Business School 

Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

08/06/2020 to 19/06/2020
ESADE, Barcelona | Spain
Duration: 10 days

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