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Science to Business Workshop

Science to Business Workshop

Create value from your own research. Develop the entrepreneurial skills to commercialise your ideas.

Science to Business Workshop

17/05/2020 to 20/05/2020
Karlsruhe, Germany
Duration: 3 days
1 750 €
Registration deadline 

More than 80% of all PhD researchers end up pursuing a career in industry, start their own company or work in the public sector. Successfully bridging the gap between a career in academia and a career in business is challenging. The Science to Business Workshop has been specifically designed to help researchers and scientists create value from their own research projects and/or technologies by taking them on a journey of entrepreneurial and commercial discovery. 

The Science to Business Workshop is your opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills, to stimulate your research to have a business impact, and to apply innovation techniques and methodologies to your own research. Using the innovative and momentum-gaining Research Canvas, the workshop will equip you with the skills and confidence to commercialise your ideas and lead innovation for the future.

You will leave the workshop with:

  • The ability to exploit the potential of your own research project for commercial gain
  • A deeper understanding the value creation process at an early stage
  • The insights to think about your sector's opportunities from different perspectives
  • New skills to develop innovative solutions for sector-specific challenges 
  • An eye to recognise business opportunities and the confidence to exploit them
  • Fine-tuned entrepreneurial nous such as presentation skills and customer relationship building skills


What will you learn?

You will be introduced to and prepare a Research Canvas - a science communication tool which enables you to talk about your research to a broad audience of professionals and not just fellow researchers - based on your own work. Then, through workshops and coaching, you will learn about business contexts and customer or user point-of-view. During your learning, you will gain a high-level business perspective on your research or technology through a unique and personalised approach that will prepare you to become a technology leader, innovation agent or welfare architect of tomorrow.

By the end of the workshop you would have mastered:

  • How to talk about your own research to a broad audience of professionals
  • An awareness of and ability to exploit the potential of your own research
  • An understanding of the value-creation process at an early stage
  • The ability to think about your sector's opportunities from different perspectives (e.g. customer, marketing, business)
  • The ability to apply your research know-how to solve business challenges
  • How to recognise business opportunities and exploit them
  • Crucial pre-business planning skills
  • Entrepreneurial essentials such as presentation and pitching skills

How will you learn?

The workshop consists of three parts:

6 weeks online preparation
Six weeks prior to the start of the workshop, you will receive a login to our virtual learning environment. Here you will complete:

  • 6 learning modules of 45 minutes each
  • 2 tasks of 60 minutes each
  • Your own Research Canvas
  • Discussions using a Slack channel 

3-day face-to-face workshop 
Combine theory with hands-on coaching via the flipped classroom approach. The workshop includes research communication and opportunity identification; defining applications and value proposition design; product vision, peer feedback on your Research Canvas, and a pitch to an experienced jury:

  • Day 1: From academic research to a value proposition
  • Day 2: From a value proposition to a business proposition
  • Day 3: final pitch and review

Post-workshop phase
During the workshop and through your Research Canvas exercise, you will have identified a number of possible applications of your research. It is necessary to validate those assumptions as quickly as possible in the real world. After the workshop you will complete one more online task (60 minutes) and a 60 minute conference call from a coach with personal feedback.

Who are the experts?

Marc Sonnaert

Lead Facilitator, Noventus (Belgium)
Associate Trainer, IntHrface (Denmark)
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Koen Vriesacker

Founder, Noventus
Senior Researcher, Antwerp Management School
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Christos Klamouris

Senior Project Manager, AXEL - The Energy Accelerator
Founder, Fibergy GmbH
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Is it right for you?

The Science to Business Workshop has been designed for industrial and academic PhD students or company researchers. 

Ideally you are in the final years of research and already have an idea of the potential opportunities and/or technologies that your research will lead to (such as a specific material, process, technology, algorithm, knowledge, etc). You do not need any experience in entrepreneurship to take part in this course. 

Participants will be selected based on the topic and progress of their research, their motivation and ambition. A maximum of 18 participants will be selected to join.

How do you enrol?

Participation in this workshop is limited to 18 delegates. Enrolment happens as follows:

  1. Click on 'enrol' at the top of this page and complete the registration form.
  2. Follow all the on screen instructions until your registration is complete.
  3. Upon receipt of you enrolment we will contact you about next steps.

You may be asked to create and submit a 3-minute video pitch or a short power point presentation that summarises your idea for an innovative sustainable energy product or service and expresses your motivation to participate at this program.

Registration deadline 20 March 2020

Science to Business Workshop

17/05/2020 to 20/05/2020
Karlsruhe, Germany
Duration: 3 days
Effort: 8 hours / day