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Shaping the Data-driven Company

Shaping the Data-driven Company

In a digitalised world, leverage data to drive unparalleled competitive edge.

Shaping the Data-driven Company

Duration: 3 weeks
Effort: 1.5 hours / week
75 €

Access to big data is transforming business all over the planet. Leveraging this data to uncover business-critical insights are essential to drive competitive edge in a turbulent and highly competitive global market.

Fully understanding the potential of data to accelerate processes and performance while driving innovation is what will continue to set businesses apart. Getting to grips with the technologies and techniques and determining the right criteria for selecting the solutions that works for you and your organisation has become imperative. And opening up bi-directional communication flows between management and data scientists will ensure that all your business needs are articulated and met.

This course has been designed to give business managers the understanding, the insights and the communication tools to drive data-driven projects in their organisation and lead innovation from within. This course empowers you to:

  • Drive effective communication in your organisation, joining the dots between vision and strategy to the transformational power of business intelligence and business analytics;
  • Define the critical success factors in building a data-driven business, including change management, the role of data scientists and the characteristics needed to drive analytics-based decision-making;
  • Gain high-level understanding of the critical technical elements: data modelling; data warehouses and data lakes; techniques for improving data quality; analytics; big data architecture;
  • Appreciate the opportunities and risks for your organisation in adoption
  • Identify the chief criteria to consider in choosing the right solution
  • Lead change within your business and secure a future roadmap for sustained competitive edge.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate and a LinkedIn integrated URL to share your achievement with your professional network.


What will you learn?

Shaping the Data-Driven Company is a comprehensive learning journey that empowers you to see the connections and join the dots. You gain the knowledge, the insights and the tools to bridge the all-too-common communication gap between management and data scientists. You explore the opportunities and challenges in using big data to accelerate your company’s competitive edge and learn to articulate your company’s needs compellingly. At the same time you gain deep-rooted understanding of the technologies and techniques to empower effective communication flow with your big data specialists.

Over three weeks you explore:

  • The business perspective: what does it mean to become a data-driven business?
  • The data perspective: modelling and storage, quality, analysis, visualisation.
  • The technology perspective: big data technologies and solutions, and governance.

How will you learn?

This course is designed and led by Vlerick Business School, ranked #1 in Benelux for executive education. It is led by Öykü Işık, Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management at Vlerick whose main research interests are in the fields of data privacy and protection, business intelligence  analytics, and business process management.

The course is delivered 100% online. And because learning happens remotely, you have the flexibility to learn at a pace and tempo that works best for you. And you will have the added benefit of being able to apply that learning immediately at your workplace.

The course is built around 12 self-paced video lessons. Each lesson includes relevant reading materials and practice exercises are integrated to help embed your learning. You assess your progress via online assessments.

Who will teach you?

Öykü Işık

Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management & MBA Programme Vlerick Business School
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Is it right for you?

While data science is a very technical subject, this course has been designed to empower managers in a clear, relevant and jargon-free manner. Learning is lively and illustrations are used to clarify key concepts.

It is primarily designed for business people who want to understand what data and data analytics can mean for their organisation: from identification of relevant data sources to data analytics and visualisation. The focus is on the concept of a data-driven business and the value data can create for a business.

Anyone interested in the business aspects of data and data analytics can benefit from the course. No prior knowledge on data and analytics is necessary.

Why enrol today?

You emerge with a comprehensive understanding of data and its meaning for your business, enriched with theoretical frameworks and real-life application. And you will receive a certificate with a LinkedIn integrated URL that verifies your achievement.

"The opportunities ahead of businesses in leveraging big data are boundless. But getting it right means building a big-picture understanding of the technologies and the business application and bridging the gap between management and data science to ensure true alignment."

Öykü Işık
Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management
Vlerick Business School


Shaping the Data-Driven Company

Duration: 3 weeks
Effort: 1.5 hours / week

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